Research Assistant

I have always been fascinated by learning and wanted to help and engage others in education. This desire brought me to the University of Limerick, in 2011, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and History. At the University of Limerick, I deepened my knowledge and understanding of my chosen subject areas, but I also learned to think critically, write effectively, and to code. 

With the skills, that the University of Limerick, had given me I entered the classroom and pursued my dream of becoming an English and History Post-Primary Teacher. I received a First-Class Honours Masters of Education through Hibernia College, Dublin. Conducting research into the impact of classroom ownership on teacher well-being. I have taught in a diverse range of schools, both mixed and single-sex, denominational and non-denominational, urban and rural.  Within all of these educational setting, I tried to encourage and engage each individual student. However, I still wanted to learn more about why and how we learn and when in September 2018, I was given an opportunity to return to learning I decided to take it on wholeheartedly. 

I am now a research assistant investigating the rollout of Coding and Computer Science into Irelands Post-Primary schools, under the supervision of Dr Oliver McGarr,  Clare McInerney and Prof Merrilyn Goos. This research is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and is a collaboration between Lero, the Irish software research centre and Epi*Stem, the national centre for STEM education, both of which are located at the University of Limerick.