Numeracy Across the Curriculum Project

In August 2019, EPISTEM will launch the Numeracy Across the Curriculum [NAC] project for schools in the Limerick region. This initiative, which has been successfully implemented in Australia, is a year-long research and development project that develops strategies for teaching numeracy across the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools.

The NAC project is a high-quality, certified professional development programme currently being offered solely to teachers in the greater Limerick area. It is an excellent opportunity for schools across the Limerick region to establish fruitful and meaningful links with the university while simultaneously addressing a national priority by developing schools of excellence in the area of numeracy and teachers equipped with the skills to become Numeracy Ambassadors/Champions. The NAC project seeks to develop teachers’ understanding of numeracy, while also guiding teachers on how to recognise and embed numeracy opportunities within their subject area. It will provide teachers with ideas, classroom activities and resources that they can use to develop students’ numeracy skills and will offer practical guidance for both schools and teachers.

In order to participate in the NAC project two teachers (of any subject) from each school must attend a summer school (3 days in August 2019) and 2 workshops (1 day in November 2019 and 1 day in May 2020) and engage in 2 action research cycles which involve the delivery of model lessons; classroom observations and supportive feedback from the EPI*STEM research team; and teacher and student interviews. The workshops will take place during the Academic Year but the cost of releasing the teachers for the day will be covered by EPISTEM.

On March 13th schools across the Limerick region would have received an email in relation to this project and asked to apply for a place on the programme if interested as places are limited. However, if you have not received this email but still wish to apply you can do so at: The deadline for application is 12 noon on April 1st.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of EPISTEM who will be happy to help.