Students’ Entrepreneurial Attitudes

Enhancing Secondary School Students’ Entrepreneurial Attitudes through Argumentation in Science Education: Comparative Curriculum Case Studies between Turkey and the Republic of Ireland

Abstract: Economics of science is a relatively new addition to the broad range of interdisciplinary literature that has implications for science education research (Irzik, 2013). Economics of science have aimed to understand the behaviour of scientists, the distribution of resources and the financial operation of scientific institutions. Entrepreneurship has a key role for this aim. I focus on creating entrepreneurial scientists and investigating implications of entrepreneurship for science education in the context of argumentation. Due to intersections of science and business in the global scene, educational institutions have become challenged in preparing industry ready graduates. Ultimately I seek to establish skills sets such as the ability for critical thinking that are needed to equip students in developing entrepreneurial attributes in science related careers.

Researcher: Sila Kaya
Commencement Date: 2014
End Date: 2016