Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap: Investigating the transition from primary to second level mathematics education

Abstract: This cross border study investigates the issues surrounding the transition from primary to secondary mathematics education from the perspective of teachers. It involved the distribution of questionnaires to primary (sixth class) teachers and post primary mathematics teachers (first year) to ascertain their views on the key factors that impact on smooth educational transitions. In total questionnaires were sent to 1150 primary schools and 700 post-primary schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 428 primary teachers responded and 248 post-primary teachers responded and the data is currently being used to write journal articles which focus on the main barriers to smooth transition; the role of teacher knowledge in effective transition and the differences in the transition experience between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Investigators/ Researchers: Dr Niamh O’Meara; Dr Mark Prendergast; Dr Ian Cantley; Dr Lorraine Harbison; Clare O’Hara
Commencement Date: September 2015
End Date: March 2019