Bridging the Mathematical Divide

Bridging the Mathematical Divide: Investigating the role of manipulatives in the transition from primary to post-primary mathematics education

Abstract: This project idea stemmed from the Mind the Gap study which Dr O’Meara has been involved in since 2015. The aim of this study is to investigate primary and post-primary teachers' perspectives on the use and effectiveness of manipulatives in the mathematics classroom; to determine the types of manipulatives favoured at both primary and post-primary level and the frequency with which these are used and to identify challenges and/or barriers to the use of manipulatives in the mathematics classroom. The targeted sample size for this study was dictated by budgetary constraints and stood at 450 primary teachers and 290 post-primary teachers. 84 primary teachers and 52 primary teachers responded to the survey. The data collected is currently being used to draft two journal articles.

Investigators/ Researchers: Dr Niamh O’Meara; Dr Patrick Johnson; Dr Aisling Leavy
Commencement Date: April 2018
End Date: April 2019