EPI•STEM Membership

The purpose of the EPI∙STEM Associates Initiative is to recognise the extensive work being done in the area of STEM research and development across UL and other Higher Education Institutes. It seeks to develop mutually beneficial working relationships with colleagues in the School of Education, the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, other UL faculties and other Higher Education Institutes to strengthen links with faculty involved in research and development activities in STEM education through EPI∙STEM, The National Centre for STEM Education. Under this initiative it is hoped that EPI∙STEM would work with colleagues across faculties and HEIs to develop a supportive research community of practice that looks to harness contributions that people are willing and eager to make towards STEM research and development. In future, we envisage that this associates initiative will lead to the submission of large-scale collaborative competitive funding bids and projects with a national and international STEM focus.

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