STeP into Science Project


Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents in Debates


Project Context: The Irish curriculum at the Junior Cycle level promotes Key Skills such as communication, an essential element of scientific debates. The new Specifications for Junior Cycle Science (November 2015) include a component on “Nature of Science” that aims to foster understanding of science and society.

Objectives: The project aims to facilitate the teaching and learning of the curricular objectives on Key Skills and Nature of Science. The project is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, and is led by Professor Sibel Erduran at EPI-STEM, The National Centre for STEM Education at University of Limerick with partnership of JCT from 2016-2017. The project team is Regina Kelly, Liam Guilfoyle and Grainne Walshe.

Step into Science Booklet  'Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents in Debates'  - available to download here.