Supporting the Implementation of Scientific Practices in Lebanon

NARSTProfessor Sibel Erduran will collaborate with Professor Zoubeida Dagher, University of Delaware, USA, Professor Saouma BouJaoude, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and Dr Ebru Kaya, Bogazici University, Turkey on a project funded by NARST for a year in 2015. The project's objectives are (a) to promote the use of scientific practices in science lessons in Lebanon, (b) to support in-service and pre-service teachers in developing lesson resources that enable scientific practices to take place in science lessons, (c) to build Lebanese researchers and teacher educators’ repertoire for enhancing scientific practices in science education; (d) to generate research and development outputs based on data collected in Lebanon; (e) to form links between researchers and teacher educators in Lebanon, Turkey, Ireland and the USA with the aim of longer-term collaborations.