Site Visit: Vision Care and EDC: WiSTEM2D 2018/19

The 2018/19 WiSTEM2D Award winners attended Johnson and Johnson site visits in mid-January 2019. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day and found many aspects of the site interesting.

The students got a tour of Vision Care in Castletroy Limerick where contact lenses are produced. The students also visited EDC where there is a strong focus on IT. Most of the girls had never been on a plant site before and so it was an excellent opportunity for them to get insight into possible future careers.




















The students met a number of Johnson and Johnson employees who explained how they achieved, their experience and background. The students enjoyed meeting those from industry, particularly the females in industry roles from various backgrounds.

The students currently in this year’s programme are involved in events, workshops, projects and mentoring within the collaboration between the University of Limerick and Johnson and Johnson.