New UL Teacher Training Programme


















Commencing in September 2020, UL will offer a new undergraduate programme for those wishing to become teachers of Mathematics and Computer Science. This programme would be suitable for any sixth year student interested in mathematics; modern technologies and computer systems who have a flair for working with people. It builds on other successful concurrent teacher education programmes offered by UL (e.g. Phyical Education and Mathematics) as well as the vast number of computing programmes offered in the university. This degree is designed to produce graduates with the mathematical knowledge and skills to satisfy the needs of the Irish second level school system in relation to teaching mathematics. Simultaneously graduates of the programme will have the knowledge and expertise required to teach the new Leaving Certificate Computer Science curriculum as well as short courses in coding on the Junior Certificate syllabus. Graduates of this programme will be eligible for appointment to all second-level schools. Furthermore, graduates of the programme, who will have a strong mathematics and computer science background will have wider opportunities available to them in the software industry. EPI STEM’s Dr Niamh O’Meara is the course director for this programme and for more information on this programme you can contact her at