Merrilyn Goos book launch – The learning and development of mathematics teacher educators

Goos, M., & Beswick, K. (Eds.) (2021). The learning and development of mathematics teacher educators: International perspectives and challenges. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature.


Research in mathematics teacher education as a distinctive field of inquiry has grown substantially over the past 10-15 years. Within this field there is emerging interest in how mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) themselves learn and develop. Until recently there were few published studies on this topic, and the processes by which mathematics teacher educators learn, and the forms of knowledge they require for effective practice, had not been systematically investigated. However, researchers in mathematics education are now beginning to investigate the development of MTE expertise and associated issues. This volume draws on the latest research and thinking in this area and is therefore timely to stimulate future development and directions. It surveys the emerging field of inquiry in mathematics education, combining the work of established scholars with perspectives of newcomers to the field, with the aim of influencing development of the field, inviting cross-cultural comparisons in becoming a mathematics teacher educator by highlighting issues in the development of MTEs in different countries, and examining the roles of both mathematics educators and mathematicians in preparing future teachers of mathematics. The primary audience is university-based mathematics teacher educators and MTE researchers, and postgraduate research students who are seeking academic careers as MTEs. The book will also be of interest to teacher educators in disciplines other than mathematics, and education policy makers responsible for accreditation and quality control of initial teacher education programs.