Launching Career Mathways Phase 2

In 2018 a group of researchers in UL were awarded a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Discover grant for a project that was designed to encourage secondary school students to be informed, inspired, and involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Our project, Career Mathways, had the specific aim of promoting Mathematics in a wide variety of careers. We wanted to highlight how a variety of professionals (STEM Ambassadors) use STEM (particularly mathematics) in their day-to-day working lives in order to nurture young people's interest in STEM. The project took place in Transition Year classrooms in six schools throughout Ireland and was a huge success. The evaluation of the study showed that participation in Career Mathways results in improved attitudes towards and appreciation of mathematics among participating TY students.
This year, we are working on extending the project to more schools, students and teachers, and we have recruited some new and exciting STEM Ambassadors to share insights into where they use mathematics on a daily basis.
Any teachers who agree to participate in this phase of Career Mathways would be required to attend a 2 and a half day workshop (August 15th – 18th) in the University of Limerick to collaborate with other teachers on the creation of a series of teaching and learning resources designed around the use of mathematics in a variety of careers. Travel and other relevant expenses (e.g. reasonable accommodation costs) will be covered. The participating teachers would then utilise the teaching and learning resources in their teaching of Transition Year mathematics over the course of the subsequent school term. As a benefit of volunteering as a participating teacher in Career Mathways, you would have access to all resources created by the research team and used as exemplars in the workshop, all resources created by practising teachers during the workshop, and those created during the first phase of the Career Mathways project.  In total this would mean access to 55+ teaching and learning plans and worksheets, access to a website hosting all resources including Powerpoints to accompany each teaching and learning plan and a poster set featuring 18-20 posters.
If you are still interested in participating in this project please register your interest by completing the following form:
The deadline for completion of EOIs is May 17th 2022.
We look forward to hearing from you.