EASE Conference 2016

Sibel Erduran and Onur Imren attended the International Conference of East-Asian Association for Science Education (EASE) held from August 26-28 in Tokyo, Japan.


Sibel Erduran presented the following papers at the conference with co-author Ebru Kaya: (a) Infusing epistemic practices in chemistry curricula: A theoretical framework; (b) Bird’s eye view on science: Pre-service science teachers’ representations of nature of science; (c) Using political theory to frame argumentation for science education: The case of deliberative democracy; and (d) Nature of science in pre-service teacher education: Learning to teach epistemic practices of chemistry.


Onur Imren presented his PhD research entitled "Learning scientific practices through video games”. He and Sibel Erduran also conducted a workshop on the same theme.


At the conference Sibel Erduran received the Outstanding Paper Award from EASE for the paper on deliberative democracy and argumentation. The award was presented by Professor Yoshisuke Kumano, the Chair of the Awards Committee.

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